To apply for residency in independent living, assisted living, or skilled nursing at the Masonic Homes, applicants must be 60 years or older and one of the following:

  • A California Master Mason in good standing with all lodges for the past five consecutive years
  • The wife or widow of an eligible California Master Mason
  • In extraordinary circumstances, the mother of an eligible Master Mason*

You may not be eligible for admission if:

  • You have gifted assets or income within the past three years are ineligible for admission
  • You have certain medical or mental health conditions that prevent you from moving into the Masonic Homes, due to licensing regulations or the Masonic Homes’ ability to safely meet your care needs.

If you are not eligible for admission to the Masonic Homes, you may wish to apply for assistance through Masonic Senior Outreach Services.

*Note: Applications for mothers of Masons are reviewed for extraordinary circumstances. Because preference for admission is always given to Master Masons and their wives or widows, and both Homes have a waiting list, it is unlikely that a member’s mother will be admitted at this time. Mothers who qualify for assistance typically receive services through Masonic Senior Outreach Services.

Applying for Admission

To begin your application process, we recommend that you review information about getting started with Masonic Assistance to help you understand what information will be required and what to expect.

When you are ready to apply for admission to the Masonic Homes, call Masonic Assistance at (888) 466-3642 or complete our request for information form.

Wait Time

The Masonic Homes has an extensive two-phase application process, which ensures that applicants are eligible for admission to the Masonic Homes, and that moving to the Masonic Homes will best meet their desires and needs. Thorough documentation and full disclosure of financial, medical, and other personal information is required.

Once an application is complete and formally approved, the applicant will be placed on a waiting list (or admitted, if there is no waiting list at time of approval).

Apartment availability and wait times depend on care level and are always changing.  Please speak to the Masonic Assistance team to inquire about current availability and wait times.


Admissions coordinators work with applicants to determine which payment option suits their needs. No eligible applicant will be turned away due to limited financial resources. There are three payment options for the Masonic Homes:

Option 1: Partial assignment of assets

Residents assign 75% of their assets and 75% of all income to the Masonic Homes. No entrance fee or monthly fees are required. Residents are provided all care and services, including health care, at no additional cost. This option is open to all eligible applicants regardless of their financial resources.

Option 2: Entrance fee and monthly fee

Once an entrance fee has been paid, residents pay a lower monthly rate and are financially responsible for their own medical and dental expenses. Financial qualifications apply.

Option 3: Monthly fee only (fee for service)

Residents do not commit assets or pay an entrance fee, but there is a higher monthly rate and residents are financially responsible for their own medical and dental expenses. Financial qualifications apply.

Please note that if only one spouse is applying to the Masonic Homes for long-term residential or skilled nursing, they must apply under the Fee for Service option and meet that criteria.